The India Electronics and Semiconductor Association ( IESA) is spearheading India's semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry growth by fostering local and global collaborations and partnerships, upskilling, and supporting startups, MSMEs, and academia.

Electronics manufacturing has become one of the highest-growth sectors, attracting global markets, and making India an unparalleled hub for sub-contract manufacturing. The objective of IESA is to grow the ESDM business segment in India and make India the preferred destination for electronics & semiconductor design & manufacturing.

We at IESA strive to promote innovative technology solutions that can positively impact the lives of citizens in India and across the world. This can be achieved only with a healthy dialogue between the Central & State Governments and the industry.



To be the largest, most trusted premier industry body representing the semiconductor, electronics system design and manufacturing industry in India



Establish ourselves as the primary destination for electronics and semiconductor design and manufacturing.


Serve as a reliable partner for policy development and incentives related to electronics and semiconductors, as well as facilitate investment promotion.


Facilitate collaboration between industry and academia to foster future skill development in electronics systems design and manufacturing (ESDM).


Promote the adoption of technology for business and societal improvement and encourage technology-based social innovation.

Core Values

Core Values
Point 1
Merit & Excellence

We prioritize merit and excellence in all our endeavors, striving to achieve the highest standards of quality and performance.

Point 2

Our approach is pragmatic, ensuring that we focus on practical solutions that deliver tangible results.

Point 3

We foster a culture of innovation, constantly exploring new ideas and technologies to drive progress and growth.

Point 4
Global Partnerships with Integrity

We build global partnerships based on integrity and trust, working collaboratively to achieve shared goals.

Point 5
Inclusive Environment & Diversity

We embrace diversity and promote an inclusive environment that respects and values differences, fostering innovation and creativity.

Four Vectors of Engagement



Our goal is to foster the growth of the electronics and semiconductor industry in India and become the preferred destination for design and manufacturing in this field.



We aim to build trust and become a reliable partner in shaping electronics and semiconductor policies, as well as offering incentives to encourage investment in this field.



We strive to collaborate with academia to develop future skills in the electronics system design and manufacturing industry and bridge the gap between academic learning and practical applications in the industry.



Our aim is to facilitate the integration of technology to improve quality of life and enhance businesses. We also promote technology-based social innovation to benefit society.

Focus Areas

focus area

Promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We aim to collaborate with ESDM-related entities at the central and state levels to establish and support Labs and Incubation Centers across India. This initiative will provide fledgling startups with the necessary mentorship, equipment, market, and ecosystem access to enable success in product development and deployment.

focus area

Partnerships – India and International

Our goal is to collaborate with state governments to facilitate foreign direct investment (FDI) in the ESDM sector and foster its growth through the establishment of Brownfield and Greenfield clusters, Incubation Centers, and Skill development programs. Moreover, we aim to form international partnerships and alliances to enhance the ESDM ecosystem through innovation, knowledge sharing, and investment.

focus area

Ease of Doing Business in India

We intend to work alongside central and state government agencies such as MEITY and NITI Aayog to devise favorable policies that promote design-led manufacturing in India. Additionally, we aim to create Core Initiative Groups (CIGs) and Task Forces to address sector-specific challenges and ensure a conducive environment for doing business in the country.

Message from Our Chairperson


A New Chapter, A United Voice!
Dear IESA Community,

It's a privilege to step into the role of IESA’s Chairman. For the past two decades, I've had the privilege of calling IESA a home and witnessing the incredible progress we've made together in the Indian ESDM landscape.

By forging strategic alliances between industry, academia, and government, we can unlock the full potential of India's ESDM sector. This collaborative effort will empower startups and emerging players, fueling innovation and entrepreneurship.

The future holds exciting possibilities but also challenges that demand fresh perspectives. This journey, however, cannot be undertaken alone. It requires the collective brilliance and dedication of each and every one of you as IESA remains a driving force for progress in India’s ESDM ecosystem. I'm confident that with your continued support, IESA's brightest chapter is yet to be written.

Dr. Veerappan Linkedin

Chairman, IESA



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