The Core Initiative Group (CIG) at IESA, is an industry-led group of experts formed to address the specific needs and requirements of a particular segment. The idea is to bring industries of similar interest and background together for a more focussed approach. Each CIG has representatives from the member company and a nominated leader to chair all the initiatives and discussions.

Our Purpose

Group 1

Drive Government Regulations

Drive Government regulations and policy making norms in the segment.

Group 2

Empower Innovation and Incubation

Empower innovation and incubation centers. Support Start-ups in the segment.

Group 3

Drive Skill Development

Drive skill development and enhance participation of engineers in each segment.

Initiative Collaboration

Inspired by the tagline "Collaborate & Innovate for Nation Building", the core teams of various industry partners are actively engaged in boosting the Indian ESDM ecosystem.

IESA CIG team invites interested stakeholders (start-ups, established industry partners, universities, educational institutes, and Government nodal agencies) to be a part of Nation-building process through strategic proposals, collective prioritization, and passionate actions.