The India Electronics and Semiconductor Association's (IESA) Industry-Academia Program is a designed to foster collaboration between the electronics and semiconductor industry and academic institutions in India. We aim to create a platform where industry and academia can come together, share knowledge, collaborate on research and development projects, and address common challenges.

By bringing industry and academia closer to each other, the Industry-Academia Program is driving innovation and growth while providing valuable learning and career development opportunities for students and researchers. We are committed to facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing to benefit the industry and academia alike.

Actively Enable Talent Creation in ESDM

We aim to create awareness in the universities and campuses about the opportunities, growth and development in the electronics design and manufacturing sector. Hardware and semiconductors as a subject is still considered the “difficult” ones and hence its important to have a healthy conversation with the students by going to the campus. Our campus connect program enables this by bringing industry experts and volunteers to conduct sessions at the campuses.

Basic teaching methodology is very inadequate in most Tier2 & 3 colleges. The curriculum is not updated and needs revision to align with current technologies and knowledge needed in the industry. Our team of experts have taken up the task of reviewing curriculum and appoint IESA selected PhD level industry faculty. We are also working closely with international universities and associations to conduct short courses in India.

The current curriculum doesn’t teach the fundamentals of ESDM industry in the way the industry demands today. Thus, the students are unable to qualify the tests and interviews. Customized short term courses and PG Diploma in VLSI design after graduation will make these students industry-ready.

As the demand of manufacturing in multi-disciplinary industry is increasing, there is a need for upskilling the students and recent graduates in specialized training. IESA aims at establishing Centre of Excellence (CoE) for electronics manufacturing in partnership with manufacturing industry and the state Government.

The technical laboratories’ infrastructure and equipment, both need timely updates. This is an important task for the academia but a huge responsibility on the industry to educate and support. IESA works closely to facilitate and drive the dialogues between the industry and the academic bodies for infrastructure upgrade or lab set up. Our aim to ensure the poor infrastructure doesn’t become a reason for improper teaching.

Academic Outreach


Fostering Innovation

Through joint research projects and knowledge exchange, the programmes


Developing skilled professionals

Providing practical experience and exposure to industry practices

Academia Collaboration

Enhancing industry-academia collaboration

Long-term partnerships and collaborations

How do we carry Out Our
Academia Programme?

Carrying out an industry-academic outreach program involves establishing a bridge between academia and industry to share knowledge, resources, and best practices. It requires a coordinated effort to ensure that both parties benefit from the partnership. This program will be carried out according to our standard procedure:


Identify the objectives

Determine the goals and outcomes you want to achieve with the program, such as promoting collaboration between academia and industry, sharing knowledge and resources, fostering innovation, or enhancing students' employability.


Build partnerships

Identify potential industry partners and academic institutions that share your objectives and values. Reach out to them and explore the possibilities of collaboration, such as joint research projects, internships, mentorship programs, or guest lectures.


Develop a program structure

Define the scope, duration, activities, and resources needed to achieve the objectives. Decide on the program's format, such as workshops, seminars, hackathons, or online courses, and develop a schedule.


Recruit participants

Advertise the program to students, faculty, and industry professionals. Provide clear information on the program's goals, requirements, and benefits.


Facilitate communication and collaboration

Establish effective communication channels between academia and industry partners, such as regular meetings, online platforms, or shared workspaces. Encourage participants to share their knowledge, expertise, and resources.


Evaluate and improve

Continuously monitor the program's progress and evaluate its impact on the participants and the organizations involved. Collect feedback and suggestions from the stakeholders and use them to improve the program's effectiveness and sustainability.

How An Organization Can Participate?

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While an industry-academic outreach program can be beneficial for both parties, several challenges can arise during the collaboration process. Below are some common challenges we face while organizing an academic outreach program:

  • Communication
  • Funding
  • Intellectual Property
  • Time Constraints
  • Culture Clash

Here’s some of the ways in which industry/ organisation can work together with IESA.


Joint research projects

The program supports collaborative research projects between industry and academic partners. This allows both sectors to share resources, expertise, and knowledge to address specific challenges.


Knowledge exchange

The program provides a platform for industry and academic partners to share knowledge and expertise. This can include workshops, seminars, and training programs.


Internships and training programs

The program offers internships and training programs for students and researchers. This provides an opportunity for them to gain practical experience and exposure to industry practices, which can help to enhance their skills and knowledge.


Funding and resource sharing

The program facilitates resource sharing and provides funding for collaborative projects. This can include access to equipment, facilities, and other resources.


Industry-academia networking events

The program organizes networking events where industry and academic partners can meet and exchange ideas. This helps to build relationships and foster collaboration between the two sectors.

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