Semiconductor Nation - Campus Connect is IESA's revolutionary platform that aims to bridge the gap between academia and the ESDM industry. Our mission is the create a nationwide network connecting Industry experts with students and inspiring the next generation of electronics and semiconductor professionals. Through our "Connecting the Future with the Present" approach, we empower students with self-learning capabilities and industry connections, fostering collaborative learning and developing industry-ready skills.

We believe industry exposure; industry mentorship and soft skills development are the foundation for building a strong professional and successful career in electronics and semiconductors.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

  • Influence: Spread awareness among high-school students and parents about career prospects of education UG (ECE/CE) in ESDM segment.
  • Inspire: Motivate students in UG (ECE/CE) to choose careers in ESDM sector by showing the demand and opportunities.
  • Support: Make industry-oriented expertise and resources available for Faculty/Students/Institutions to upskill themselves.
  • Connect: Make industry-opportunities, events, conferences accessible to Faculty/Students/Institutions

A Win-Win Solution: Unlocking the Potential

Collaboration between universities and industries provides access to more resources, exposure to industry jobs, high placement numbers, and helps students launch their careers while gaining valuable industry experience. Such collaboration creates a win-win situation for both parties, unlocking the potential of research and innovation and creating a positive impact on the economy, society, and education system.

Access to more resources

Partnership with industries can help universities access more study resources for funding their research and diversifying research areas, and receive feedback and guidance from the industries while helping them further.

Exposure to industry jobs

The industry-academia partnership provides a platform for the colleges to offer real-time industry jobs to the students, along with encouraging them to be involved in incubator projects offered within the firm post-graduation to the students.

Access to more resources

Through industry-academia partnerships, students can convert their internships into full-time employment, offering a powerful recruitment tool for colleges. This also helps students launch their careers while gaining valuable industry experience.

High placement numbers

Strong industry-academia partnerships result in high placement numbers for students, which can be used to attract prospective students and corporate partners. This ultimately enhances the reputation and credibility of the institution.


IESA has four pillars of its engagement/offering : Industry, Government, Academic, and Society.

Under the Academic pillar – has three missions:

  1. Advisors for future skills development,
  2. Bridge the gap between Academia and Industry, and
  3. Promote Research and Development.

The Semiconductor Nation – Campus Connect” platform addresses the second mission of bridging the gap between academia and industry.

This platform was launched on August 15th, 2022; as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Timing of this initiative is crucial for two reasons:

  1. Earlier this year, the Government of India as part of the Atma-Nirbhar Bharat vision; launched several schemes to enable indigenous R&D and manufacturing in the ESDM sector. This defines a need for new skills to be developed within the country – Fab, OSAT, etc...
  2. Skill shortage (quality and quantity) in the ESDM sector has been a perpetual challenge as India has been recognized talent destination (by MNCs) and talent source for global needs.

Individual companies have organically grown their academic affiliations and contributions over the years with a select set of institutions. A large pool of talent beyond Tier I and some Tier II universities do not have an opportunity to industry connect. IESA envisages Semiconductor Nation – Campus Connect platform to bring its member companies to put collaborative efforts with a strategic vision for an impact on talent across 2500+ institutions in the country that offer ECE/Electronics/CSE UG/PG/Ph.D. with the spirit of “No motivated student is left behind” for world-class self-learning platform and access/awareness/information of industry opportunities. Initiative targets to equal playing field for all aspiring bright students across all institutions in India and create a multiplying effect of talent scale and quality for industry readiness in the next four years.

IESA is planning an MoU with AICTE to bring active engagement with academia from across the nation.

You will have the opportunity to opt for several possible models of engagement with academia.

  • (a) Government is increasing flexibility for institutions to define its curriculum and you can participate by offering a course taught in hybrid/virtual/physical mode designed/defined per your company skills focus and by your employee volunteers. Multiple member companies with similar needs may come together to form a team to undertake “adopt-an-institution or a group of institutions”.
  • (b) Contribution of CSR funds to sponsor Internship modules or post-graduation finishing school for the deserving selected students.
  • (c) Define/design Final Project and let employees with a spirit of voluntarism mentor students seeking guidance.
  • (d) Team of volunteers in your company can put together periodic lecture series of industry-related topics from the curriculum and provide an industry touch to students in collaboration with faculty.
  • (e) Leaders in your company can participate in Inspirational Stories Series and leave a lasting touch to motivate students enrolled in ECE/CSE/Electronics to study well and seek successful careers in the ESDM sector instead of other alternatives that seem to have their attention currently.
  • (f) Volunteers from your company may help with the soft-skill development of students.
  • (g) This is your platform and you may be able to bring ideas, share the vision and find link-minded individuals from other companies or similar requirements of other companies and collaborate for skilling outcomes favorable to you and the nation.

None. This platform is done to provide broad and deep industry outreach to academia in the spirit of service to the nation and there is no financial outcome desired from beneficiaries.

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