SemiconIndia FutureSkills by IESA is a unique platform that aims to create a gateway to the future of electronics and semiconductors in India! Our goal is to boost India's position in these transformative industries and train the next generation of skilled professionals.

India's journey towards becoming a global tech powerhouse relies heavily on the ESDM sector. This industry is key to the government's goal of $1 trillion in digital economy revenue by 2025. Foreign companies have already taken advantage of the huge potential of India's electronics and semiconductor markets and made a lot of money. But it's not just about foreign companies benefiting – it's about empowering our own talent and industries.

As the semiconductor and electronics sectors grow, so do the opportunities for students across India. IESA introduces the SemiconIndia FutureSkills Platform to bridge the gap between Indian students and the vast electronics and semiconductor Industries.

Let's explore and join hands with SemiconIndia FutureSkills by IESA, which is all about preparing the next generation of creative minds to lead India on its way to becoming a global semiconductor hub.

Need for Skill Development In ESDM Sectors

The importance of skill development in the Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sectors cannot be overstated. The numbers speak for themselves: By 2027, there will be a need for a whopping 85K skilled engineers. This skyrocketing demand translates into an equal number of job opportunities in the ESDM sector, making it a land of untapped potential. Looking ahead, the ESDM business is getting ready for a huge change. But still, there are only 5,000 people who are currently employable, and 48% of engineering graduates are unemployed. But have you thought about why there is such a large gap between available skills and industry demands?

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Outdated Courses

Traditional educational curricula struggle to keep pace with the rapidly evolving ESDM landscape. As a result, students graduate without exposure to the latest technologies and trends that the industry requires.

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Lack of Funds and Resources

Many academic programs lack opportunities for students to engage with real-world ESDM scenarios. A lack of necessary financial support and resources hampers hands-on learning experiences, which are essential for practical skill development.

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There is a common myth surrounding the ESDM sector that it's a tough domain with limited financial rewards. This discourages potential talent from considering the field, further exacerbating the skills shortage.

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Unaware Students

Many students still do not know that the ESDM sector has a lot of potential. Lack of awareness about the exciting opportunities in The ESDM sectors stifles interest and hinders talent exploration.

Our Goals

By addressing the above challenges and emphasizing skill development programmes like Campus Connect, collaboration with industries, industrial trainings, workshops, lecture series, and more, SemiconIndia Futureskills by IESA aims to bridge the gap and provide a skilled workforce that meets and drives the ESDM industry's growing demands. We want to help people in India become self-sufficient in ESDM by giving them the skills they need. We focus on increasing UG admissions, mentoring college students, and offering them valuable insights and guidance to bridge the industry gap. Our focus on practical learning ensures that students not only grasp theoretical concepts but also gain hands-on experience crucial for success. Moreover, we forge powerful collaborations with industries, ensuring easy placements for our skilled graduates. Together, we're helping India be "Aatmanirbhar" in ESDM sectors.


How An Organization Can Participate?


For Institution


  • National Talent Scout Programme (NTSP) Participation
  • Industry-Sponsored Events
  • Centre of Excellence Advisory Support
  • EDA Access and Training
  • Curriculum Enhancement
  • Soft-Skill Training
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Global Collaborations
  • Internship Placements


  • Industrial Connectivity
  • Infrastructure Advancement
  • Better Placement Opportunities
  • Improvement Of Institutions Ranking

For Faculties


  • Essential Support For Arrangements
  • Industry Expert Engagement
  • Mentorship and Guidance
  • Industry Lab Visits
  • Enable Faculty Sabbaticals
  • Lab Access


  • Industrial Exposure
  • Peer Awareness
  • Academic research and Collaboration
  • Access to Premier Labs

For Students


  • Industry Participation
  • Industry Lab Tours
  • Certification and Placements


  • Promising Career Paths
  • Unlock Career Value
  • Industry-Ready New College Graduates (NCGs)
  • ESDM Skill Developments

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